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A taste of time?

Hey guys, ever thought of what time tasted like? Well we will probably never know, but somthing we might find out is will atmoic decay change the flavour and smell of atoms?

A friend (diffrent one than last time) was talking about a bit of funny nonsense that 'time tasted like thyme (the herb).' Well, that inspired me to write this :

On the subject of decay of atoms (where an atom has a half life due to unstable nuclei) would that change the taste? Send forth your emails to me at and I will post it up here with a reference to you, as im currently doing important stuff and cannot write to much content myself.

Here is the wikipedia articles concerning particle and radioactive decay:

The Theory of nothing

Hey peoples, Jeby again, so basically this next theory I have discussed with a couple of people, its the theory of nothing


So the basic idea behind this is that nothing in our known universe exists. It all has to be an illusion, and this is why: Whats inside an atom. The answer is, of course, smaller particles called electrons, neutrons and protons. Protons are positive, electrons are negative, and, as the name suggests, neutrons are neutral.

Whats inside those? Scientists believe that smaller particles called quarks are within these, but whats in them? My Theory suggests that smaller particles are within that, and that, until you have infinite smaller particles, this means that they are made of nothing, nothing what so ever, except even smaller particles made of nothing. This suggests that the universe we know is made of nothing. A little phrase I've made to represent this is:

"The Universe is nothing but nothing interacting with nothing to force nothing to do nothing."

Now, because of this, is the universe an illusion?, or is it something else, and what are we, but nothing powering nothing by eating nothing to produce nothing. Are we an illusion? or is this something else?

1+1 = Infinite?

Now todays piece of theory was brought to my attention by a friend. His theory is that any two numbers can technically equal infinite. The reasoning behind this is a bit silly to be quite honest, but ill be posting a long post about the theory of nothingness soon, which has been realised by a couple of people including myself. Anyway, onto the theory.


Now my friend has this idea that 2+2 = 4, 2+2 also equals 22 by logic of combining numbers as opposed to adding directly. This now means that there are two answers to 2+2 (4 and 22). This means number of Answers to 2+2 = 2, now thats a third answer to 2+2, bringing the subtotal to 2+2 = 3. Once again, this explains to us that 2+2 equals 4,22,2 and 3. With a subtotal of four answers we are left with more answers: 2+2 = 4(basic addition) 22(adding numbers visually) 2(amount of answers to 2+2) 3(amount of answers now to 2+2) 4(the new amount of answers 2+2).

With this new amount of answers we can tell that there are 5 answers to 2+2. This theory require the logic that the number of answers keeps going up like i have explained. It’s a bit of a jump, but it sorta’ works.